Elaine & Matthew Full Highlight

Thought process : Never met the couple until a few days before the wedding as the couple lives in Canda. Many friends and families members were not able to fly in due to the travel restriction as the Covid-19 situation was getting bad.

The detailed summary of the full highlight would encapsulate the wedding thus allowing friends and families to have a deeper understanding of the couple and the day.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K Sony A7III, Sony 6300, Diety HD-TX, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : Matthew from Portrait Gallery
Banquet Venue : JW Marriot Singapore


Winson Cinematography – Yong Xiang & Evonne Full Highlight

Thought process : While editing through the raw footages, I’ve picked up little coherent attributes about the couple expressed by their friends and family members.

Down the road, this video will serve as a reminder of their promises and commitments they’ve made.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K, Sony a7III, Sony 6300, Deity HD-TX, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : Jonathan Soon – Lovelifebittersweet (Bittersweet Photography)
Banquet Venue : Grand Copthorne Waterfront


Winson Cinematography – Sarah & Shawn Full Highlight

Thought process : 800pax wedding, full house for church. It’s gonna be a blast! The edit was built in a crescendo manner to slowly reveal the love of people surrounding the couple.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Live videographer : Melvin Tan
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K, Sony a7III, Sony 6300, Deity HD-TX, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto, Blackmagic Atem Mini, Hollyland Mars400s

Coordinator : Holymoly.sg
Photographer : Click Photography Sg
Makeup : Readygetsetglow
Floral : Happyfloralssg
Church Venue : St Mary’s of the Angel
Banquet Venue : Fairmont Singapore


Winson Cinematography – Yazid & Melissa Full Highlight

Thought process : I have very fond memory of a friend telling me the process of a muslim wedding.

For this wedding, other than the venue, most of the cultural elements were kept in place.

Having a good workflow when shooting wedding is imperative, however things may not always be as planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Through experience and zero interference to the celebration, we have to negotiate the odds and present them back the best.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : Canon C100, Sony A7s, 2 x Sony 6300, Zoom H4N Recorder, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : YTshoots Yi Ting
Banquet Venue : The Halia @ Botanic Garden
Preparation Venue : Shangri-La Orchard Singapore


Vincent & Jes Wedding Full Highlight

Truthful – a wedding that relates their character and creativity. From the wedding decorations bought at https://www.antiques.co.uk/, to their own ‘creative’ wedding band, Vincent & Jes certainly has put their heart and soul into making their wedding one of a kind, leaving a lasting memory to their guests.

irst things first: Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times. While couples often hire a professional to help manage their wedding plans, there are plenty of reasons why they might also opt to take on the majority of the responsibilities on their own, too. Maybe you’re working with a tight wedding planning budget or maybe you simply love all of the DIY possibilities—in any case, it’s a lot of extra details, but it is possible to plan the wedding of your dreams on your own. The first step is making sure to give yourselves plenty of time for wedding planning. A longer timeline is your friend here—aim for around a year, if possible. And don’t forget to involve your significant other in this step, as well. Your wedding should represent both of you, together as a couple.

So, where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Just remember to keep one very important thing in mind: Try to have some fun! This is your wedding after all. Don’t get too hung up on the tiny details and focus on what’s truly important: celebrating the love the two of you share and getting married, all while surrounded by your friends and family.