Winson Cinematography – Yazid & Melissa Full Highlight

Thought process : I have very fond memory of a friend telling me the process of a muslim wedding.

For this wedding, other than the venue, most of the cultural elements were kept in place.

Having a good workflow when shooting wedding is imperative, however things may not always be as planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Through experience and zero interference to the celebration, we have to negotiate the odds and present them back the best.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : Canon C100, Sony A7s, 2 x Sony 6300, Zoom H4N Recorder, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : YTshoots Yi Ting
Banquet Venue : The Halia @ Botanic Garden
Preparation Venue : Shangri-La Orchard Singapore