5 Reasons To Hire a Videographer (Wedding Edition)

What photography cannot do

You’ve chosen the venue, you’ve picked out moissanite jewelry items that match your dress, you’ve done the catering, and the band you’ve hired is so awesome that even their video has moved you to tears. You’re confident the wedding is going to be a blast, and the phrase “actual day” turns you into a little bundle of joy.

But one little thing still bothers you. To video, or not to video? That is the question. Every wedding needs a photographer, but a videographer (or cinematographer) adds a whole new dimension to the occasion. At the end of the day, you want something special to remember, and videography and aerial cinematography does that for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a videographer, beginning with…

#5. You get to hear the laughter and tears

A photographer captures still images, and these images can be put on t-shirts, mugs, photo albums, and of course, the internet. But a picture never has sound behind it. You don’t hear the bride quietly sniffling away as the groom reads his secretly-prepared vows, or how the crowd laughs to your specially prepared jokes, or how loud the yum seng (wedding toast) is. All this can only be captured by a videographer, and a good one knows where to stand, how to capture the day, and what microphones to use to get the loveliest sound.

#4. A videographer gives you 24 “pictures” (or frames) per second (24 fps)! 

A video, in case you didn’t already know, is made out of a series of still pictures. Remember those old flip-books, with one picture per page, that made something ‘move’ when we flipped them? That’s essentially what a video is. With computer technology as it is, anyone has the ability to take a screenshot from a video and print it as a small-sized photograph. A wedding event videography service records an event at 24 frames per second. A photographer could give you 1000 photos of your entire day, but a videographer gives you 7200 frames (7200 pictures!) in a 5 minute clip.

#3. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth…

It’s worth a whole lot, especially if you already have the pictures from a hundred visitors’ smartphones! A picture can be powerful — most of the world is familiar with Marilyn Monroe’s picture, her skirt flying in the air, with her trademark flirtatious expression. But would she be as famous as she is, without all the video footage that we have in her movies? Probably not. Yes, you surely want a picture of the bride and groom exchanging rings. But with a video, now you can watch, and re-watch, the entire wedding ceremony at your leisure.

#2. Editing

What to look for in a good wedding event videography service? Well, your wedding takes place over an entire day, and surely you don’t want to have to skip past hours of footage to get to the good bits. A good videographer gives you various edits — the banquet highlights, the church ceremony highlights, a video summary of the entire day, and so on. A good videographer also knows to avoid giving you the ugly bits. Don’t worry, you won’t have to see that strange uncle digging his nose in your wedding video!

#1. Memories fade over time

You may have spent months, maybe years, planning for your dream wedding. But on the day itself, all the excitement, adrenaline, and nerves may make the actual day pass by in a flash. The morning after (or maybe the afternoon after, if your relatives made you drink one too many glasses of wine), you may barely remember what happened. Did everyone really laugh at that joke? Was it sobbing or just tears?

How did my wedding kiss go?

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