15 Top frequently ask questions about wedding videography (Winson Cinematography)

What are your packages like?
Our wedding video package starts from $1800 for 6 hours and $2200 for 10 hours.
Please contact us for details.

What are your deliverables?
All our packages come with edited raw footages. They are captured with different cameras from various angles, and lovingly pieced together into a fluid video freelance video editor in United Arab Emirates, as an MP4 file. It will be delivered in HD quality in a uniquely packaged thumb drive. 

What are the payment terms like?
50% deposit upon confirmation; 50% balance payment upon receiving the thumb drive..

What is the difference between express or same-day highlights (SDE) and full highlights?
SDE is a short highlights video of your morning event. It may consist of preparations, gatecrashing, outdoor shoots (on the wedding day), church ceremony or tea ceremony, whichever applicable. As for full highlights, it’s a summary of the entire day including the banquet. 

Our SDE is targeted at guests attending the wedding banquet. The editing will be snappy, tight or emotional so that the video has a strong impact on the guests. For the full highlights, we will craft and re-edit a new video that flows and narrates better for the entire day.  We DO NOT just insert the banquet footage at the end of the express highlights.

What is your company’s approach towards wedding videography?
Journalistic and documentary. We believe with the combination of aesthetic visuals and honest documentary, the wedding video will last for a lifetime. Weddings, to us, are ‘coming together for a celebration’, so even though a wedding is between the bride and groom, kinship and friendship are equally important for a lasting and meaningful marriage. 

When is the estimated delivery time of the final product?
6-10 weeks after your wedding day.

Where are you based in?
We are based in Singapore but we travel extensively for destination weddings too!

Where is your office?
We run a home-based studio in Upper Serangoon area. Clients visit us for a private and relaxing home-theatre experience.

Who are your videographers?
Most of the weddings are shot by 1 videographer (mainly Winson). With multiple cameras and proper planning, we are able to produce a video that seems to be shot by more than 1 videographer. Depending on the circumstances, there may be times when 2 videographers are required. Additional charges apply for a second videographer.

How do you work with unfamiliar photographers?
We will first review the photographer’s online portfolio, which will reveal his/her working style. Before the wedding, we will also communicate with the photographer to establish a common understanding on how best to achieve our respective results.

Any collaboration with other vendors?
We do have collaborations with vendors, do enquire us to know more.

How do we sign up?
In view of the covid-19 situation, we minimise hosting our couple in our private viewing space. A meeting is still possible in a less crowded area. We can also communicate virtually to understand each other better. Should you wish to make a booking, a contract will be emailed to you, and the 50% retainer fee is to be transferred to a designated bank account.

How can we know more about the videographer?
We can be reached via the following platforms:

Email : howinson@gmail.com
Whatsapp : https://wa.me/6590227551
Phone : + 65 9022 7551

How do we ensure our date availability?
Drop us a note via or enquiry sidebar, email or whatsapp and we will get back to you.

How long are the runtimes of my wedding video?
4-6 mins for SDE
6-10 mins for Full highlights
Edited Raw footages – depending on duration of weddings: 20 – 150mins

Elaine & Matthew Full Highlight

Thought process : Never met the couple until a few days before the wedding as the couple lives in Canda. Many friends and families members were not able to fly in due to the travel restriction as the Covid-19 situation was getting bad.

The detailed summary of the full highlight would encapsulate the wedding thus allowing friends and families to have a deeper understanding of the couple and the day.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K Sony A7III, Sony 6300, Diety HD-TX, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : Matthew from Portrait Gallery
Banquet Venue : JW Marriot Singapore


Winson Cinematography – Yong Xiang & Evonne Full Highlight

Thought process : While editing through the raw footages, I’ve picked up little coherent attributes about the couple expressed by their friends and family members.

Down the road, this video will serve as a reminder of their promises and commitments they’ve made.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K, Sony a7III, Sony 6300, Deity HD-TX, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : Jonathan Soon – Lovelifebittersweet (Bittersweet Photography)
Banquet Venue : Grand Copthorne Waterfront


Winson Cinematography – Sarah & Shawn Full Highlight

Thought process : 800pax wedding, full house for church. It’s gonna be a blast! The edit was built in a crescendo manner to slowly reveal the love of people surrounding the couple.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Live videographer : Melvin Tan
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K, Sony a7III, Sony 6300, Deity HD-TX, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto, Blackmagic Atem Mini, Hollyland Mars400s

Coordinator : Holymoly.sg
Photographer : Click Photography Sg
Makeup : Readygetsetglow
Floral : Happyfloralssg
Church Venue : St Mary’s of the Angel
Banquet Venue : Fairmont Singapore


Winson Cinematography – Joyce & Chin Wedding Highlight

Thought Process : The first challenge that was given by the bride, let’s make it not look like Singapore! Given that Singapore are mostly covered with high rises and concretes, we break away into a peaceful wedding venue at White Rabbit. As the stories unfold, the Bride’s language of love is ‘words’. Therefore, speeches were integral in this full edit. We edit started with the couple’s commitment, moving into understanding of them through speeches and also sharing emotional thoughts of the family, ending with a high to wrap this happy occasion.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : Canon C100, Sony A7s, 2 x Sony 6300, Zoom H4N Recorder, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto, Zhiyun

Photographer : YTshoots Yi Ting
Banquet Venue : The White Rabbit
Preparation Venue : St Regis Singapore


Winson Cinematography – Shannon & Jessica Full Highlight

Thought process : Soft spoken couple who just want to have a simple and genuine wedding.

Without the usage of exaggerated camera moves or fashion kind editing. We kept it simple and present them a documentary edit.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : BMPCC6K, BMPCC4K, Sony a7III, Sony 6300, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : One Mustard Seed
Weding Venue : ONE 15 Marina Sentosa Cove
Church Venue : St Hilda’s Church


Winson Cinematography – Yazid & Melissa Full Highlight

Thought process : I have very fond memory of a friend telling me the process of a muslim wedding.

For this wedding, other than the venue, most of the cultural elements were kept in place.

Having a good workflow when shooting wedding is imperative, however things may not always be as planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Through experience and zero interference to the celebration, we have to negotiate the odds and present them back the best.

Videographer : Winson
Editor : Winson
Equipment : Canon C100, Sony A7s, 2 x Sony 6300, Zoom H4N Recorder, Sony recorders, Cinevate, Manfrotto

Photographer : YTshoots Yi Ting
Banquet Venue : The Halia @ Botanic Garden
Preparation Venue : Shangri-La Orchard Singapore